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About the Wonder Cafe

Created and family-run by S. Chen, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying visit and prompt return. Wonder Cafe presents delectable dishes for attractive prices in a calm and collected environment for a break from outside worries with welcoming accommodation where you can meet with friends and enjoy life at your own pace.

S. Chen completed Chinese cuisine courses in 1979. Her culinary expertise was soon recognized overseas in 1980 for her devotion to great service, quality dishes, and integrity which circulated throughout her restaurant. She received much acclaim from her community and devoted customers.

S. Chen continues her passion and expertise by constantly broadening her knowledge of Mandarin and Cantonese cuisine, as well as Szechwan and American Chop Suey, to name a few. S. Chen opened Wonder Cafe in Watertown to continue serving delicious and health-conscious Chinese cuisine to the community.